Hiring Process

At Ontario Systems, you’ll be working with really smart people who are the leading minds in the accounts receivable industry – at a vitally important time for our country’s economy. Our software is mission critical to helping our clients return nearly $20 billion into the U.S. economy each year. The opportunity is real.

Ontario Systems has a dedicated hiring team who will look after you – from our first contact to the time you join our You-Powered team. Throughout the hiring process, our team will give you information about the role available, the status of your application and Ontario Systems. We consider this to be the beginning of a longstanding, positive relationship with you. Are you in?

Our team looks for the best talent available every day. Once we find a potential match, we’ll make contact by email or phone to schedule a time to learn more about you and your potential career fit with Ontario Systems. We’ll share information about our company and obtain your resume. This initial contact usually takes 10-15 minutes.
Whether we’ve made initial contact or you’ve applied online for one of our positions, our team will review your application and resume to look for a match. If it seems there is a potential match, we’ll contact you to schedule a more detailed phone call.
We like what we see and want to spend more time with you. You’ll talk with one of our team members for about 30-60 minutes to discuss the available role and your career aspirations. We’ll also answer your questions, and then make a decision about next steps.
You've had a successful call and we want to get to know you better. We’ll ask you to complete an online behavior assessment before passing your information along to the hiring manager for consideration. This assessment helps us better understand your potential for both job fit and cultural fit.
Now is your opportunity to get to know the boss! This phone call will focus on your experience, interests, technical skills if applicable – and any questions you may have. Allow about 30-60 minutes for this call. If this call goes well, we’ll confirm your availability for an onsite visit.
Now you get to come to Ontario Systems to meet us and see the environment where you’ll be working. You’ll meet the hiring manager, members of the team with whom you’ll work and have lunch. You’ll get to tell us all about yourself and have the chance to interview us to make sure that Ontario Systems is the right place for you. Allow at least a full day for this.
At the end of your interview, the interview
team meets to talk about your interview experience and decides if you're the right fit for the role and the company. We pride ourselves on quick feedback: you'll hear from us within one day following your interview - so you'll know quickly if you landed the job.
If everything seems to align, we‘ll email you an offer letter for your consideration. Sometimes, the offer has already been accepted during the previous phone call and the offer letter is a confirmation of the offer. The offer is contingent on the completion of acceptable background and reference checks.
We don’t stop at the offer. Once we have your signed acceptance, our team creates a custom onboarding process to ensure your start at Ontario Systems team is successful. We send an outline of this process to you before your first day at work. Onboarding helps you connect with the right people, build relationships and get essential knowledge for your new role.
If we haven’t connected with you or offered
you the position, we’ll still keep your details in our database for future opportunities. Check back with us periodically and apply for other roles. Our system makes this easy. Just click here if you need to update your information.

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How the Hiring Process Works

Our hiring process is designed to find the best talent and be time-sensitive to accommodate your busy schedule. Here’s what you can expect during this process.

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